Amish Furniture

What is Amish Furniture?  Amish Furniture is simply furniture built by Amish craftsmen.  Typically, it is handcrafted in a small shop on the Amish family farm.  Amish furniture is not a style of furniture but it is called Amish furniture since it is built by folks of the Amish faith and lifestyle.  As an example, David Weaver, father of LeRoy Weaver (owner of Weaver Furniture Sales) was a farmer his entire life.   Later in life he earned his retirement income by building small furniture pieces in his shop by the Dawdy Haus located on a small parcel of land on the family farm.  He would often travel to a local wood supplier to get his wood for his small furniture projects.  David would then build items such as walking canes, benches and hall trees for some of the local Shipshewana merchants to sell in their retail stores.  The items were built one at a time by hand, carefully sanded and stained to ensure a long useful life.