Durango Loveseat: a One-of-a-Kind Furnishing

Durango Loveseat: a One-of-a-Kind Furnishing

Are you a lover of quality furniture? Are you searching for the perfect home seating decor? Look no further than the one-of-a-kind Durango Loveseat. The Durango Loveseat features a Mission design. It also includes plush seating and webrider coil springs. Durango Loveseat Don’t get lost in the details! The Durango is a practical choice for anyone seeking comfortable seating and a great style.

As pictured here, the plush fabric features a pattern with rich, earthy colors. Overall, the style is very “Southwestern.” But this style is not just for Westerners. It will fit easily into any type of home decor.

The Durango Loveseat takes its name from the Mexican state of Durango. Durango’s rich culture spread North into the United States. Today, Colorado is home to a city called “Durango.” Like many Western cities, Durango, Colorado features art and design inspired by Mexican and Spanish cultures. The clean and simple design of the Durango style captures the beauty of Mexican culture and design.

Weaver’s boasts several Durango products. Each are built using the same classic techniques and hand-picked hardwoods. The woods are chosen from the Midwest and feature great strength. Customers are given the choice red oak, brown maple, cherry, quarter sawn white oak. Each wood type has a unique color, strength and grain pattern. This creates a unique piece. Furniture lovers who love custom options will love the choices for this Durango piece.

Like each of our furnishings here at Weaver Furniture Sales, the Durango Loveseat is available with a wide choice of custom options. This includes wood species, stain, fabric and size choices. Visit Weaver’s in Northern Indiana’s Amish country and view our entire collection of loveseats and living room seating.  Experience first-hand the beauty of our well-crafted and honestly sold hardwood Amish furniture. You’ll be glad you made the trip.